So this is retirement…………………………………..

When I retired two years ago, I thought I would be putting my feet up a bit and taking life a little easier after 40 years in social care etc but old habits die hard and my love of crafting has taken over my life and I am busier than ever but through this I have made many new and lovely friends. You being one of them. I learned a long time ago that to combat loneliness and isolation you have to put yourself ‘out there’ and luckily I have the resources to bring people to me.The Craft Cwtch and my afterschool club has definitely put me out there!

Through our weekly crafting sessions and people like you in search of decent yarn, I have met so many lovely people which has helped me build a great social network following my move to Bridgend 6 years ago.

The groups are great fun and we share many funny stories and laughs which is much needed ‘therapy’ for all of us. There are times when we share confidences and troubles and that’s when mutual support kicks in and we may lean on one another when life throws crap our way.

I promised myself when I retired that I was going to learn a new skill every year. Last year I learned to do felting by beating hell out of a pile of fleece made into a picture and oh boy was that therapeutic.

This year I think I will probably learn 3 new skills. One you have taught me today, another I will be learning the first two day of April when my friend Mo and I will be learning basket making from willow. That will leave me 8 months of the year so I think maybe Tunisian crochet will be the next skill saved for later on in 2017.

Far from being a dying craft many people are becoming aware of the benefits of hand crafts to combat stress, tension, addictions and anxiety. Every week I meet someone wanting to learn either knitting or crochet.

I will close now as I have a weather blanket, aran sweater, crocheted cardigan, throw for the caravan, dolls clothes and about 50 wanna do projects waiting for my attention.

Until next time xxx


7 thoughts on “So this is retirement…………………………………..

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  1. Carol, you are a beautiful person, with a beautiful collection of Squishies. (Wool that I would gladly rehouse but am still on a Wool ban! 😡 ) Thank you for literally taking me into your home and becoming my friend. x


  2. Currently working in social care and love all things creative, I am very envious and look forward, with great impatience to retirement and pursuing all things craft! Roll on 15 years!


  3. I am so glad I have met you and look forward to more crafting adventures in the future. Thank you for being a good friend and for listening to me when I needed to talk. Xxx


  4. I am so glad I found you I really enjoy the group it a great escape when I have had my grandchildren all day and get to have some adult conversation. Your selection of yarns are awesome and have meet some great talented people 😄😄😄xx


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